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Risks of Storing Crypto Seed Phrases in Password Managers


In the cryptocurrency world, securing your wallet’s seed phrase is crucial. While password managers are commonly used for convenience, their vulnerabilities have been starkly highlighted by recent high-profile breaches, most notably the LastPass incident.

The LastPass Breach: A Dire Warning for Crypto Security

Last year's exploit of the password manager LastPass resulted in staggering losses, with linked wallets losing up to $40 million to date. The attack, one of the largest in digital history, compromised the data of over 25 million customers. The most significant theft occurred on October 25, 2023, when hackers drained approximately $4.4 million from 25+ victims in a single day, bringing the total known loss to nearly $40 million. This ongoing series of thefts underscores the critical risks of using centralized password management systems for securing crypto assets.

The Security Fallacy of Password Managers

  • Centralized Risks: The LastPass incident is a clear example of the dangers inherent in centralized systems like password managers.
  • Extensive Breaches: The scope and scale of the LastPass breaches reveal the vulnerability of these systems to sophisticated cyber- attacks.
  • Inadequate Security for Crypto: Password managers, while suitable for managing conventional passwords, are ill-equipped to handle the specialized security requirements of cryptocurrency.

Privacy: More Than Just a Word

  • Third-Party Data Access: Incidents like the LastPass breach demonstrate the potential for unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Surveillance Concerns: These breaches bring to light the risk of financial assets being monitored or tracked, compromising user privacy.
  • Compromised Anonymity: Using password managers for crypto transactions can undermine the anonymity that is a hallmark of cryptocurrency.

Censorship Resistance – A Crucial Consideration

  • Vulnerability to Censorship: Services like password managers, bound by the laws of specific countries, can be susceptible to government orders and censorship, impacting access and control.
  • Loss of Sovereignty: Relying on centralized systems often means relinquishing control, which is contrary to the decentralized ethos of cryptocurrency.

Introducing Censo: A Breakthrough Solution for Seed Phrase Security

With over $100 billion lost due to misplaced, forgotten, or stolen seed phrases, Censo is poised to change the outdated method of storing seed phrases with its state-of-the-art technology, addressing the critical limitations of traditional password managers and other methods such as pen and paper.

Censo's Promise: Secure and Worry-Free Seed Phrase Management

Censo offers a robust solution for managing seed phrases, ensuring that users will never lose access to their crypto assets.

Censo's Proof of Excellence

  • Robust Security: Censo's approach of encrypting seed phrases guarantees that only the wallet owner has full access and control. Total Privacy: Censo maintains user anonymity and privacy, requiring no personal identifiable information.
  • Complete Control and Censorship Resistance: Users retain total control over their seed phrases with Censo, ensuring resilience against censorship and external influences.
  • Ease of Use: Censo combines advanced security features with a user-friendly interface, enabling quick and secure seed phrase management.


The extensive and ongoing breaches at LastPass, resulting in losses nearing $40 million, starkly illustrate the risks of using password managers for crypto seed phrases. Censo emerges as a secure and innovative solution, addressing these risks with sophisticated technology, ensuring robust security, total privacy, complete control, and ease of use. As the world of cryptocurrency evolves, Censo stands at the forefront, offering a reliable and user-friendly alternative for managing digital assets.


For more information please visit Censo Security Design.

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