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Go Ahead, Delete Us. We Won’t Be Offended


Imagine a world where you have complete control over your digital assets, yet you're free to 'break up' with your crypto management app at any moment, without any consequences. At Censo, we're turning this vision into a reality. In our eyes, deleting our app isn't an end—it's just a part of your journey.

Data Persistence: Your Crypto Lifeline

Censo champions the concept of data persistence as a core feature, not just an afterthought. We securely store encrypted copies of your seed phrases on our backend, linked only to SHA2 hashes of your PPID. This means that even if you part ways with your device or our app, your data remains intact, anonymous, and utterly secure.

Beyond Device Loss

While losing your phone can be a hassle, with Censo, recovering your digital assets is not. A new phone and a fresh download of the Censo app are all it takes for a complete and secure restoration.

Crossing Borders with Peace of Mind

Traveling with digital assets can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when crossing international borders. With Censo, say goodbye to the anxiety of carrying physical seed phrases or devices laden with sensitive information.

  • The Power of App Deletion. Before crossing a border, you can simply delete the Censo app. Once you're safely across and ready to access your assets again, just re-download the app. Your digital sovereignty remains intact, without leaving a trace.

A Night Out Without Digital Baggage

Planning a night out and don’t want to carry the weight of your crypto world in your pocket? Censo has you covered.

  • Lighten Your Load with Confidence: Remove the app from your phone and enjoy your night without a second thought. Your crypto assets are safe with us, ready to be accessed whenever you are.

Censo's Promise: Optimizing Security, Anonymity, and Flexibility

Our commitment at Censo goes beyond traditional security. We optimize for a unique intersection of security, anonymity, censorship resistance, and data persistence. This approach empowers you to control how and when you interact with your digital assets.

Freedom and Control

With Censo, your relationship with your crypto is on your terms. Delete us? Sure. Reconnect with us? Whenever you’re ready. We’re here to provide security and flexibility, not to tie you down.


So, go ahead and delete the Censo app if you need to. We understand that your journey with crypto is personal and ever-changing. Whether it’s crossing borders, enjoying a carefree night out, or just taking a break, we’re here to adapt to your needs. With Censo, you’re not just choosing a crypto management tool; you’re choosing a partner that respects your autonomy and adapts to your life.

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