Our Mission

Our mission is to help crypto wallet users navigate the complexities and anxieties of seed phrase security with confidence. We are dedicated to creating secure and intuitive storage solutions that put users in sole control of their digital assets and digital identities. For the very first time in crypto.

By eliminating seed phrase insecurity, our desire is to assure every user finally sleeps soundly at night -- without anxiety, without fear -- knowing their private keys and crypto assets are in safe hands. Theirs.

The Team

Serious chops behind serious security.

Andrew LawrenceLinkedIn

Andrew Lawrence
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew hails from New York and holds degrees from both MIT and Wharton. Having cut his teeth in the traditional field of finance, Andrew went on to create derivatives algorithms, selling them to Goldman Sachs, and the ISE. After a successful run in the hedge fund world, he developed an itch. So, he dove deep into an entirely new endeavor. FinTech. And that’s before FinTech was even a thing. With his leadership, we know Censo and the people behind it are in safe and secure hands.

Charles WaldenLinkedIn

Charles Walden
Chief Technology Officer

Charles, the brains behind Censo’s tech is an alumnus of University of Texas, Austin. He’s founded two successful tech companies that went public in U.S. IPOs. One of them then acquired by Intel. His expertise in technology ensures our brand's security and innovation.

Brett FalkWebsite

Brett Falk
Chief Scientific Advisor

Meet Brett Falk, our Chief Scientific Advisor. Brett is a research assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in cryptography and coding theory. The stuff that goes on way under the hood that not many of us understand. His groundbreaking research ensures that Censo is backed by cutting-edge cryptography and security.

The rewarding
Seed Phrase Management

Censo is open source and fully audited.
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